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Your tailor made business training

Your tailor made business training

"Learning where your mind is open."

If you are not mentally ready for a business training then it makes no sense.

Usually if you are in your common environment of work you will never have your mind free for improving yourself, learning something and developing your skills. So leave the environment you are used to behind for some days and go to a place that is the best location for doing your business training - go at sea and do this with a sailing vessel!

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Imagine a bay where you are at anchor with a sailing vessel - more or less alone - a view up to horizon, listening to water and waves surging against the beach. You will immediately forget your daily business, your 9to5 thing that is mentally blocking you for new things or for learning new things that help you to get better in job or even in private life.



This is what you have to do:

  1. Take your people, team, company
  2. Book the sailing vessel LIMA as business training services
  3. Do your business trainings with WOW-factor

Sounds great?

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SV LIMA is experienced in doing what ever business training you may need. 

  1. Soft skill trainings like team buildings, personal management coaching and advisorship, leadership trainings, individual people skill improvement sessions and more
  2. Hard skill trainings like learning new software application usage, programming, understand processes, new areas of expertise and much more



What we do is simple: We take you and the trainer(s) to our boat and let you do your training #onaboat 

  1. We have a clear idea how to make it pretty easy for you to learn new things while you are at sea on SV LIMA
  2. We take care about the entire execution
  3. We make sure your minds are free and that you are fully focussed on your business training

That's it - pretty easy and it works :-)


Sounds great? It is!

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