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Benefits of using SV LIMA for your company

Benefits of using SV LIMA for your company

Modern times asks for outstanding performance. Your team and your company must shine out by collaborating in a way that provides fun and excellent results the same time. We can help you with the SV LIMA WOW-factor!

Service-orientiation is not just a word. You have to live it. 

The crew is fully focussed on the needs of your team from the first second on. The times you have with SV LIMA is something your people will never forget. The experience being on a sailing vessel at sea is such an outstanding experience. Combined with the long experience of our business experts in coaching, advising and enabling your team makes the days on SV LIMA a root cause for your success.

1.) Your team will simply have the motivation to work better. The perfectly tailor made days on sailing vessel LIMA is pushing your team to "champions league" of productivity and stimulation for performance.

2.) Your team understands its value for the company. Why else should the company send the team to an extraordinary advanced training on SV LIMA.

3.) You and your team will experience new creativity, possibilities and ideas just by being in an environment that makes this possible. Imagine being in a bay on a boat, almost alone, water rushing, the smell of salt water...things opens your mind and your soul. You will be free for different views on your topics. It brings you away from daily routine where you have no chance to work on fundamental things and ideas.

4.) SV LIMA is affordable. The outcome and the results of the time being at SV LIMA will paying off for you many many times.

5.) Coaches and skippers with an experience of more than 20 years are key factor for a professional approach in a tremendous location - Tailer made for your needs.


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