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Enjoy some gorgeous days on a true sailing yacht starting right from the marina in Umag / Istria in Croatia.

You will enjoy 3 days on sailing vessel LIMA. We offer real and honest sailing experience.

Find out what it means to have the real freedom at sea everyone is talking about. What we do not offer is that kind of pseudo super VIP and attitudinized chartering. We offer a good time where you simply have great moments, as super special time far away from daily business. 

All you need is included. No extra prices and no suprising extra costs on the yacht. Not included is of course your travel to and from the boat.

What is included - all details:

  1. Your stay on the boat from Friday 15.00 to Sunday 12.00.
  2. Skipper is included. He speaks English and German fluently, a bit of French and a bit of Croatian language as well. He will stay on the boat with you all the time. He has a pretty good network in that area you will be underway.
  3. Cold soft drinks, coffee and tea, local beer and wine (We will have enough on board for a normal trip. If that is not enough for you we will organizes that for you but that then is on your costs).
  4. 2x Breakfast on board
  5. 2x Lunch on board
  6. 1x Diner on board (the other one will be off the boat in a restaurant of your choice and is not included)
  7. Cookies, chips (just the sweet stuff during the day)
  8. Towels.
  9. Bed clothes.
  10. Music whatever you want to.
  11. TV wherever you want to. We are able to provide TV up to a wave height of 1m due to a gimballed receiver.
  12. Games like cards, board games for a really good time onboard.
  13. All that is needed for proper medical care that may happen on a boat.
  14. Permit costs.
  15. Visitor's tax.
  16. Fuel up to 50nm (What we do not want to use. We plan to sail.).
  17. WLAN (40GB included).
  18. Technical equipment like e.g. a laser printer in case you need to print something. We are more or less prepared for many many use cases.

You will have the chance to be part of the crew, help during manoeuvres and learn what it means to sail. This gives you so much for your further life and an unforgettable time. In the end you can consider the trip as some kind of "life at sea seminar" for you, your friends, your family or your colleagues.

We highly recommend this trip for a family of 4 (5 should also not be a problem. Let us know) or two couples or simply friends that will have a good time in a normal way of behaviour. What we will not accept is party-only crews.


Water is our home.


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