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Benefits of using SV LIMA for your company

Benefits of using SV LIMA for your company

Modern times asks for outstanding performance. Your team and your company must shine out by collaborating in a way that provides fun and excellent results the same time. We can help you with the SV LIMA WOW-factor!

Your mobile office at sea

Ever planned to get out of your own office temporarily and work on a different location for better results? Ever wanted to extend your business to a country that has a coast line at the Adriatic Sea?

Use our sailing yacht as your fully equipped MOBILE office! 

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Your tailor made business training

"Learning where your mind is open."

If you are not mentally ready for a business training then it makes no sense.

Usually if you are in your common environment of work you will never have your mind free for improving yourself, learning something and developing your skills. So leave the environment you are used to behind for some days and go to a place that is the best location for doing your business training - go at sea and do this with a sailing vessel!

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Your individual teambuilding

Ever had any issues in your team?  You wouldn't be the first company where bad team spirit turns out to be toxic for your business. 

Help your team getting the motivation it needs for an outstanding performance. Or award them for their great efforts at your business!

SV LIMA team building is Ideal for teams up to 10 people.

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